If you’re wondering where the heck I’ve been lately… 1. OMG you noticed I was missing? Bless you. 2. I have a good excuse.

I’ve been running. For a period of my life, I ran every morning. My running route was my happy place and the only thing that chilled me out enough to focus on the rest of the day (aka sitting at a desk). I got away from this routine after moving to SF on top of my aforementioned huge ass hill. Running became a chore and I stopped doing it.

So this August I decided the only way to make myself do it is to sign up for a race. Cue the moment I made a training schedule in my bullet journal so I could not get out of this goal.

Why am I talking about this on a fashion blog? Because in August I also decided I wouldn’t buy any clothes for 6 months. The only time I’ve broken this is for 2 leggings and 2 sports bras at Athleta.

There is no time clothes make a bigger difference than when you’re running 13.1 miles in them. So it’s warranted, right? Riggghhttt?

My Athleta outfits seriously make me a better runner. I’m convinced of it. And they’re not boring or basic, which you know I’m all about. They have so many great patterns I had trouble narrowing it down. Hence why I ended up with four things:

So two weekends ago – the same weekend we moved, in fact, which I’ll post about soon – I ran a half marathon. The boyfriend did it with me THANK GAWD or else I wouldn’t have made it. Let’s just say there were lots of tears by mile 11…. But we did it!

And I swear my floral print leggings helped me. I actually heard a couple spectators talking about them (so fashionable tho). If you’re embarking on a new athletic adventure or just looking for some fitspiration for the holidays, I highly recommend getting yourself some work out clothes that feel like YOU.

Photos by Julia O Test Photography.

My nonbasic running wear picks.


Plus, running must-haves.

If you’re anywhere else in the country, you’ve had Fall for a while. The fur vests are not only dusted off, but already worn enough to have your scent. The beanies, flannel, and booties are in full force and turtlenecks are on standby.

And in SF, we’re nearly there. Remember, we don’t get summer until nearly September. So while y’all were ‘gramming your rompers, I was in a chunky sweater. Just sayin’.

Many staples come with Fall, but I discovered a new one this season: Boot Cuffs & Socks. Boot Cuffs & Socks is an online boutique out of Nebraska run by Jamie Brown and her family. And ya’ll know how much I love locally-owned boutiques, even if they’re not in my town.

How freaking cool are these? I opted for those that work with ankle booties because my calves reject every riding boot they meet. They have full socks and then sort of sock necklaces (toppers) that add a little Fall to any outfit (as you can tell in these pics when I paired them with my “SF Fall” AKA Summer outfit).

I’ve also worn the ruffle socks with my oxfords and even with a pair of pumps. They make me want to frolick. Yes, frolick.

Shop this wonderful boutique so you can frolick too 🙂




Boot Toppers. Boot Cuffs & Socks (exact)

Dress. Beau & Arrow – another great boutique! (out of stock, shop similar below)

The rest:

Welp, ever since I returned from Boston I’ve been sick. I’m blaming it on the lethal combo of pre-vacation stress and airports, but regardless: I’ve been trying to find the easiest outfits to pull together for moments when I have to drag my sick self out of the house.

This outfit has quickly become my go-to weekend outfit because of how easy it is. And chances are you already have all of the elements to make it work in your closet!

I can barely take off this slouchy cardigan from Urban Outfitters. I mean I’ve seriously slept in it. And hint: it’s on sale too. But you know that cardigan you’ve had forever? Pair it with a tank and skinny jeans and bam, weekend uniform.

I found this button cami during my search for Austin City Limits-appropriate outfits (that’s right I’m going to my FIRST festival in October). I honestly keep going back to American Eagle, even though it’s a little weird to wear the same brand I wore when I was 13. But if it works, it works! Camis are perfect for weekends because they’re great with cardigans but work well on their own when the sun comes out (because Karl the Fog is real in SF).

Finally, I can’t get over these shoes. They are so easy to slip on for brunch or a quick walk down the hill. They’re nearly sold out, so I’m hoping to see ya’ll wearing them already! If you’re scared to get patterned shoes for the WHAT DO I WEAR THEM WITH!? factor, I have some tips in a previous post. Basically, I pair any patterned shoes with neutrals and a top that matches one color in them. These mules barely have green in them, but I found a hint of it and went with it!

And let’s be real: who does their hair on a Sunday? I’ve been living in these gold hoops that my parents got me for my birthday (thanks fam!!) and they go perfectly with a messy bun. Again, chances are you already have your own version of these in your jewelry box.

So who wants to brunch? You better bet I already have this cardigan on.

Photography by Julia O Test

Also, I have exciting news! You can now shop all of my Instagrams instantly using LIKEtoKNOW.it. Basically, you just have to sign-up for LIKEtoKNOW.it or download the app and:

  1. Like one of my Instagram posts and you’ll get the details of the outfits delivered straight to your email OR
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If you’re not into Instagram, just keep on shopping right from my posts like always 🙂 I’ve added new features here, too! Hover over parts of my outfit below to shop them, or use the pics down below. Happy Sunday!


If you’re planning for a 7-day Alaskan cruise or just dreaming of one, chances are you’ve researched the weather. And if you’ve researched the weather you know that it’s NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. The weather on an Alaskan cruise will vary from 30 degrees to 90 degrees depending on where you are (and when you’re going).

And if you’re anything like me, that lack of info is SUPER STRESSFUL for packing purposes. Add in some gala nights and a no-jeans rule for dinners and the packing stress has hit a dangerous level.

I made far too many lists and definitely brought a couple pieces I didn’t wear. So here’s what I found I actually wore for my Alaskan cruise in June:

alaska cruise packing list outfits


A couple tips.

  • Bring multiple pairs of jeans. I could’ve actually used another pair by the end of it. There is laundry on the ship, but – like everything else – it costs money. Whatever you wear on the days while you’re in port is what you’ll be wearing ALL DAY. Think hiking in the wilderness to shopping downtown to grabbing a drink at a local bar. My two pairs were done for by the end of the trip.
  • Mix and match your formal attire. There are two gala nights (on the Holland America Line at least) that are very dressy. The other nights vary, but the dining room is formal in terms of the meal so you won’t want to wear your street clothes. BUT I only brought one pair of heels, one pair of wedges, and two clutches. Bring pieces you and mix with each other – this is not the time for your Barbie pink pumps.
  • Bring layers you can dress up or down. I wore my long black cardigan more than anything else because I could wear it during the day but also over my formal wear after dinner. We had a drink on the deck every night and it was COLD! If you don’t want to change three times a day, bring versatile layers.
  • Pack some shorts. People will scare you into thinking Alaska is freezing. It can be, but the sun comes out and the ship can get warm.
  • Bring a swim cover-up. You do not want to walk to the pool in a towel or your bikini. I had to walk through two bars and a dining room to get to the pool and I was so thankful for my cover-up. Also, flip flops! The boyfriend didn’t bring them and regretted it. I brought leather ones that I wore to the pool and to dinner with a maxi dress.


My packing list.

  • Raincoat
  • Fleece jacket
  • Puffy jacket
  • Puffy vest
  • Flannel
  • Long cardigan
  • 3 long sleeve shirts
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 2 tanks
  • 2 jeans
  • Leggings
  • 2 shorts

  • Swimsuit
  • Swim cover-up
  • 2 hats (1 beanie, 1 full-brim)
  • 2 scarves (1 warm, 1 light)
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack
  • Running shoes
  • Short rain boots/Chelsea boots
  • Warm socks
  • Ankle socks
  • 3 necklaces

  • 2 clutches
  • Jumpsuit
  • Fur vest
  • Little black dress
  • Maxi dress
  • Sweater tank
  • Linen pants
  • Jean jacket
  • 3 sundresses
  • Strappy heels
  • Clogs
  • Flip-flops

Here’s as exact of a packing list as I could link. They’re either exact or same brand but updated!

Now for the fun part: my favorite Alaskan outfit.

I got this Brixton hat with the cruise in mind, and with many “explorer” jabs from friends and family. But I loved it! I paired it with a waffle knit sweater, Madewell mom jeans, Chelsea rainboots, and a warm wool scarf. And I always keep my nanopuff jacket in my backpack because San Francisco’s weather is honestly not that different from Alaska’s.

I wore this to our rainforest hike in Ketchikan and recreated it with the lovely Julia O Test back at Ocean Beach in San Francisco ’cause ain’t nobody got time for fashion shoots while on a family cruise.

packing list alaska outfits




More to come about my first experience on cruise soon! What do you want to know about a cruise? About Alaska in general?





Step 1: Find a comfy bikini


Step 2: Wear it

And that’s it! Let go of the worries that people will think you’re fat (1. we’ve all got flaws and 2. YOU’RE NOT FAT, you’re beautiful). Let go of trying to find a sexy suit that will perfectly hide the cellulite on your right thigh or the bit of belly you earned during your VERY HUMAN winter weight gain. Find a suit you feel comfortable in and rock the shit out of it.

Growing up and going to college near lakes, I spent most of my summers in bikinis. I’ve had endless talks with my fellow curvy girl friends about swimwear. Do you get a sarong? Do you wear shorts? Do you only take your cover-up off when you’re covered by the helpfully obscuring water? Those are some solutions – and I’ve been known to take part in them – but the most important way I’ve found to feel good about wearing a bikini is to treat it like any other piece of clothing.

Some bikini tips I’ve discovered as a water-lover.

1. Ask yourself: Is this as comfy as my normal attire?

While I love that one-pieces are coming back (I wrote about my fave one-piece here), bikinis are just so comfy. I’ve asked girl friends many questions, like: “Will you tell me if I get too big for a bikini?” and “Is there an age cut-off for bikinis?” But the reality is that even at my heaviest, I was still wearing bikinis.

The trick I’ve found is to try on A TON. But don’t just try them and stare at yourself. Walk around. Tie it exactly like you would for a whole day at the beach or pool. Sit down like you’re on a boat. Heck, lay down like you’re on a towel and make sure the front isn’t too low and your girls aren’t spilling out.

If you’re adjusting it every time you move, it’s not the suit for you. My best swimsuits (like this one from Target) are as comfy as my pajamas. These are the suits I pull out from the pile and bring on vacation. The ones I loved on the hanger but was adjusting constantly (looking at you, Victoria Secret swim) never make it to the water.


2. Find a suit that matches your personal style.

Every summer I scour Target for the best suits. Inevitably, I get one that’s hot pink. But do I own ANY shirts that are hot pink? No! These suits sit in my closet as I wear out my black, blue, and neutral-colored suits.

Trendy is not a bad thing. But finding bikinis that match your closet always helps. I’ve been super into rust-colored clothes this season, so getting this rust-colored suit guarantees that whatever I wear as a cover-up (shout-out to this Anthro button-up) will match.

3. Don’t feel like you have to be sexy.

Just because you’re wearing what essentially amounts to waterproof bra and panties doesn’t mean it has to be sexy.

I particularly love high-neck swim tops because I feel nice and covered in them. And, oh my gosh would you believe it, I can actually do what a bikini is meant to do: SWIM! This one from Target fits like a glove and bonus: the bottoms have great coverage and are adjustable (no pinching!).

A bikini does not have to bare it all. You don’t need cleavage or booty showing to pull off a two-piece swimsuit – though I do have some that do both.

Confidence is sexy. So wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself and screw wearing the same suit as Jessica Alba or even Ashley Graham.

curvy swim target bikini nonbasicblonde

Photos by Julia O Test Photography

The gist is this: I love swimming and really everything about water, and no fashion rule (not that one should exist) is going to get between me and the beach.

Happy swimming!



Bikini. Target (top and bottoms)

Shirt. Holding Horses via Anthropologie (exact)

Jeans. Madewell (exact)

Shoes. Steve Madden (exact)

Sunnies. Ray-Ban (exact)



Every year the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale pretty much blows up the internet…or at least the blogosphere. I mean just search bloglovin’ for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and you’ll be scrolling forrrreevvveerrr (Sandlot, anyone?). And not for nothing – the sale is pretty huge. But as I discussed on the ‘gram, I can’t get into it. Sure, there’s some good sunnies and purses, some stand out jeans, and SO MANY CARDIGANS AND BOOTIES, but I already have all the basics I could want.

And it’s so overwhelming. I have shopping carts open on Free People, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and god knows how many other sites at any given time, but Nordy’s selection is just too much for me.

This not so popular opinion coupled with a recent shoot with Julia O Test inspired me to write about my favorite not-so-known places: the boutiques in all of the places I’ve lived.

In this photo, I’m wearing pieces from boutiques in Michigan and San Francisco, and my closet is full of stuff from Arkansan boutiques. When I started blogging I had a mini-freakout, realizing linking only truly works with bigger shops. But ain’t no linking gonna stop me from wearing what I love.

So, in spite of the Nordy Sale, here’s my rundown of my favorite local shops and boutiques in the three places I’ve lived. You can shop them all online in some way or another, and get that #nonbasic (or basic if you want, too) look.

Let’s start with my roots:

Michigan shops I ♥.

Haystacks. This boutique is my favorite for accessories, but I have some awesome sweaters from them too. I’m pretty sure they invented infinity scarves, or at least they did in my closet. I seriously own two scarves for every season from the folks at Haystacks and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Frances Jaye. If you’re looking for the opposite of Nordstrom, shop here. Their necklaces are so freaking unique and every top and dress is something I want in my closet like now. Bonus points for having a super shoppable online store and 15% off your first purchase when you sign up for emails! They also do features on their employees, which just makes it even more special to say TAKE MY MONEY NOW, YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL.

Tikal. Every dress I wore in college was from this wonderful little place. A little boho. Always classy. This place is a nonbasic dream. They don’t have a shoppable site (yet) but their Instagram feed is bomb, and I’m sure you can call them right up to purchase. Or just take a little trip to Holland, Michigan 😉

Woosah Outfitters. Erica, the founder and artist of this shop is seriously the coolest person you’ll ever meet. Her apparel is all designed and made from woodcuts BY HER and inspired by nature and the woosah vibe (she explains it better here). I have nearly worn out my Father Nature baseball tee after wearing it every weekend for the past couple years. Everything is made on the comfiest of fabrics – you seriously won’t get out of them once you’re in. Bonus points: your dude will be so pleased with any gift from Woosah, I promise.


Arkansas shops I ♥.

E.Leigh’s. I think I went to this shop every Saturday that I lived in Arkansas. If you’re looking for adorable dresses, rompers, really anything, this is your place. You can shop their Instagram super easily!

Indigo. My next stop every Saturday was Indigo (can you tell I had a lot of free time there?). You can shop their IG as well, and they have my faves of everything. Think Free People and beyond, in boutique form.

Fringe. Yet another dope Southwestern-vibe boutique. They make shopping their IG super easy and post outfits constantly. Bonus points: their Instagram is flat lay goals, and gives me so many outfit ideas.

Maude. ALERT: One of the most shoppable boutique sites I’ve listed. Just take a scroll through their dresses alone and you’ll understand why I love this place. I’ve only been in person once, but have coveted their site ever since.


San Francisco shops I ♥.

Ambiance. There’s a reason Ambiance was voted SF Weekly’s Best Women’s Apparel this year (and 10 other years, too). This place has it all. I spent 3+ hours at their Marina district shop only to realize they have another store front next door! Of course, I spent another good chunk of time in there too. They have the best basics coupled with the most unique dresses. When I have an event, this is the place I go for a dress. I recommend shopping their Instagram if you can’t get to the store front…but really, get to that storefront!!

Betabrand. Heard of the dress yoga pants? Then you’ve heard of Betabrand. They crowdsource and crowdfund clothing designs, and the results are freaking fantastic. I got the All-Day Coat this winter and love every moment I spend in it. My dude also swears by their Bike to Work Britches. And if you’re looking for poop emoji apparel, look no further.

Audrey. You can’t quite shop these guys online yet, but they’re definitely one to watch. I got a couple items here and love them all (the waffle sweater I’m wearing, for example) and they’re SO inexpensive for the area, guys! Next time you’re on Valencia, please please check them out.

Wallflower. My new favorite vintage shop! Again, on Valencia, I want everything in this place. They even have an online shop for you out-of-towners that crave authentic SF fashion.

Little Paper Planes. This little shop on Valencia is my go-to for all jewelry. I’m really not into earrings and rings I can’t wear every day, and these guys make stuff that lasts. Little Paper Planes is a true artist shop – per their site, “Little Paper Planes assists artists in their careers” – so you should DEFINITELY SUPPORT THEM. They started out as an online shop, too, so all ya’ll non-natives can shop from your couches too.


Shop the shops I just mentioned.


Now, go get out there (or to the sites) and shop!

Photos by Julia O Test Photography.

Scarf. Haystacks.

Top. Audrey SF.

Hat. Brixton via Wallflower SF.

Jewelry. Little Paper Planes.

Tunics scream NOOOOOOO to women my height. At 5’3″ (and 3/4″s, gotta get that extra almost inch), tunics inevitably go down to my knees. I try to stay away, but with this one, I just couldn’t.

I’ve been in love with rugby shirts since my faux-sporty days, but I could never pull them off. But with the floral detail and side slits that make it feminine, I had to try it.

This tunic, of all the tunics in the land, is a tunic for everyone. My fashion idol, Courtney Kerr, pulled it off far better than I – she is, after all, not 5’3″ – but that didn’t stop me.

I’ve been living in this Free People tunic. I wore it with a jean jacket, dress pants, and my all time favorite bling oxfords here, but I’ve also worn it with leggings and boots, tied in the front with jeans, and as a nightgown because why not sleep in clothes you love?

And since I’m a bad blogger and got it at sale price, I’ve rounded up all the places you can still buy it, lest you miss out on the tunic that is a little sporty, a little feminine, a little look I just rolled out of bed and threw this on, I’m basically a fashion goddess.

All the places you can still buy the Free People Eloise Tunic.

  • Free People has the Olive color left in extra small. For reference, I got a medium but actually could’ve gone smaller even with my substantial hips.
  • The Buckle has it in small and medium in the color I’m sporting.
  • Poshmark has a whole slew of them because, apparently, some people don’t believe it really is the tunic for everyone.
  • And of course, eBay does as well. Again, resellers, how do you not understand this is the best tunic of all time??

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and style the shit out of this thang.

{Photos by Christine Hanks Photography}


Tunic. Free People Eloise Tunic (exact)

Jacket. Gap 1969 Denim Jacket (exact)

Pants. LOFT Essential Skinny Ankle Pants in Marisa Fit (exact)

Shoes. Free People Citadel Platform Loafer (exact and also on super sale)

Bag. It’s the Girl by Junior Drake aka knockoff Longchamp (exact)

Lip. Sephora Lip Stain in Bohemian Purple (exact)


Every year in my 20s I’ve bought myself a birthday present: the perfect birthday dress.

I’m pretty in love with my birthday because it’s summer solstice. Yes, that’s right, my elementary-aged self didn’t have a classroom birthday party BUT I could boast that my birthday is the longest day of the year.

I truly feel like a summer baby. I live for swimming, sun, and turn into a child when I get near a beach.

I don’t wear dresses often, but a birthday seems like the perfect time for a dress. Hence, my yearly birthday dress. Every year it’s something different, but it’s usually colorful and this year is no different. This dress from Anthropologie is like a birthday cake I can wear.

I also must have a thing for drop waist dresses right now because at the same time I got this one, two more drop waist dresses arrived at my doorstep. Don’t worry, I returned one so as not to be known as that one girl who wears the same thing in different colors. BUT I am the girl who wears the same brand. This dress is Holding Horses (from Anthropologie). If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw my post about my belated birthday date. I ran to Anthro during lunch in search of yet another birthday present for myself that would be comfortable post-cruise (aka nothing fits right) and fell in love with this Holding Horses shirt. Hold me back, or I might just buy everything they make.

Anyway, I just love this dress—almost as much as I love summer. I’m a huge proponent of treating yourself (probably TOO much if you ask my friends and family) and a birthday dress is a perfect way for me to celebrate…well…me.

{Photos by Christine Hanks Photography}


Dress. Holding Horses via Anthropologie (exact but sold out so similar here)

Jacket. Gap (similar)

Shoes. Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters (exact)

Clutch. Who What Wear via Target (similar)

Sunnies. SojoS (exact)

Lip. Sephora Lip Stain in Bohemian Purple (exact)



Turquoise accessories have always been my favorites. I’ve never gotten into colorful jewelry (no pom-poms or bright pink gems here) so turquoise is the furthest I delve into color on my neck and wrists. Plus, all the stylists at my hipster-haven hair salon, Population, wear turquoise so I know it’s the cooooolest right now.

My grandma has given me turquoise jewelry from all of her adventures to the Navajo reservation and from our favorite place in Santa Barbara: Silver And…. I absolutely love these one-of-kind pieces.

I usually wear gold jewelry, mainly because I’m allergic to all other earrings. The problem being: most turquoise accessories are set in silver. But, I have a trick. I wear a silver and gold ring from Little Paper Planes that, in my mind, totally gives me a pass to wear both silver and gold at a moments notice. Pretty smart, right? I’m sure no one has ever thought of this before….

The same way I wear silver and gold, I also wear black and brown. I don’t know who came up with the rule that you can’t wear black and brown together, but rules are meant to be broken right? This vegan suede jacket has black trim, which begs for a black tank underneath. Bonus points: my favorite shoes from Free People are black with brown wood so I’m always getting away with breaking this silly rule.

TL;DR: I love my turquoise accessories from my grandma but have never had a necklace to match. Cue frantic search on BaubleBar. Though my exact necklace isn’t available anymore, they have so many turquoise accessories to choose from and Poshmark has some older models too (where I got mine, because who wants to pay full price for a statement necklace).

I absolutely love how this look came together. I felt like a straight-up rock star in this outfit and everyone needs days like that.

How do you wear turquoise? Do you also spell it wrong EVERY. DAMN. TIME.? What makes you feel like a rockstar?


Necklace. BaubleBar via Poshmark (similar)

Tank. LOFT (exact)

Jacket. Silence + Noise, Urban Outfitters (similar)

Sunnies. SojoS (exact)

Jeans. Joe’s Jeans, Nordstrom Rack (exact)

Shoes. Free People (exact)

Bracelets and rings. Silver And…, Little Paper Planes, Fringe Clothing, my grandma 🙂



When my boyfriend saw this outfit he said, “professional Becca!” Yeah, a tied button-up, mules, and what amount to adult cargo pants. So professional. But as a creative, anything with a collar is “oh, do you have a presentation today?”

Starting in advertising, I had no clue what to wear. I’m supposed to be creative in everything I do, I thought. But how do you stay professional while still expressing yourself?

To be fair, I’ve worn sweatpants with heels to work. I’ve worn my lunchtime yoga clothes ALL. DAY. But on creative teams, one thing is consistent: personal style. Find your thing. Maybe it’s all black all the time. Maybe it’s only silver jewelry. Maybe it’s pencil skirts. Maybe you’re the girl who always finds the coolest shoes to match every outfit.

Some things you probably shouldn’t wear to work:

Don’t wear anything low-cut. Women have had it hard enough breaking into the creative side of advertising. Let’s agree to put a scarf or cami on and leave the cleavage for Happy Hour (or never…maybe just never).

Don’t wear short skirts. Creatives sit on couches. Creatives fix printers. Creatives draw on whiteboards with our backs facing a room of people ready to judge our ideas. The last thing you need is a little too much showing.

Don’t wear too much makeup. I’ve made this mistake before, which only resulted in people asking about my big plans for the night. Don’t confuse the cubicle for the club. But do experiment with different colors of lipstick ’cause personal style.

Dressing professionally while still showing your creativity is hard. Here’s what I’ve done:

A button-up with flair. Button-ups have been the go-to professional look forever. So it’s easy to go with the old school but make it your own. In this case, a zebra pattern tied into a knot at the bottom.

Other button-ups with flair:


I often wear jeans. Even ripped jeans. Sometimes leggings. But these Lou & Grey linen pants are so comfy and are casual while still professional. To be a true millennial: I feel like I’m adulting in these pants.

Other non-jeans:


These mules are definitely not your boardroom pump. But remember how I said to put your personal style into everything you do? For me that’s heels. These are walkable, trendy, and have a heel to give that “I’m important” oompf (or so I like to think).

Other go-to work shoes:


And this tote is EVERYTHING. I wore a backpack for the first 9 months in the Bay Area to fit in with all the techies. But then I realized I felt like a kid going to school…and sometimes acted like it too. This week one of my male friends toted a leather briefcase to Happy Hour. He works at a tech company and I was astounded he was carrying anything but a backpack. In my mind he is now a young professional, not a techie. TL;DR: A leather bag makes you feel like you mean something…and may trick others into thinking so too.

Plus, I added a cactus bag tag because why? Say it with me: personal style.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m not a bag person, so I’m not even going to link any others here. For me, the Madewell Transport Satchel is the perfect work bag.

Are you a creative? Do you struggle with what’s okay to wear to work? Tell me more!

Photos by Julia O Test Photography.


Top. H&M (similar)

Pants. Lou & Grey (exact)

Shoes. Jeffrey Campbell (exact)

Bag. Madewell (exact)

Bag tag. Madewell (similar)

Lip. Colourpop in Cheap Thrills (exact)

Sunnies. Kate Spade (similar)