How to wear: floral print sneakers.

Two things I love: (1) bold shoes, like these floral print sneakers, and (2) matching. And yes, you’re right, they directly compete with each other.

When I walk into a shoe store or browse DSW, I automatically gravitate toward bold shoes. I own pumps in gold, paint stroke, magenta, leopard, and studded black but NO NUDE HEELS. It’s a problem.

I also have such a hard time walking out of the house unless I match. What is matching, you ask, in this world of “break every rule ever?” For me, matching means:

  • 1 pattern
  • 2 colors
  • 1 metal (unless, bonus points, I’m wearing a silver and gold combo piece)
  • and pants that contrast with my top as much as possible.

Call it art school OCD. Call it unnecessary. But it’s something I subconsciously abide by every most every morning.

So how do I walk out the door with my inner matching zen intact with a shoe that is STRAIGHT UP SCREAMING? Remember when I started off with 1 pattern. My bold shoe is my one pattern. But things get more complicated: the colors in that pattern must be apparent in the rest of my outfit.

See what I did there? Green, red, black, maroon floral = maroon top, black bottom. By the way, these Athleta street tights are amazing. And vanity-sized, so they make me extra happy. And they offer free tailoring in store, so I don’t have to wait for Petites to ship — though I didn’t even need them tailored for this look.

Extra art school OCD matching points: lip color that brings out something else I’m wearing.


Okay, I swear I’m not too crazy with matching. Just a little. To distract you, here’s a couple more floral print sneaks.

 floral print sneakers.

Also, can we stop this rain already? Not pictured: my soaking wet camera.


Top. Urban Outfitters, Project Social T (exact)

Cardigan. Nordstrom’s Rack, Willow & Clay (exact)

Lip. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Exorcism (exact)

Bottoms. Athleta (exact)

Shoes. Vans (exact)

Becca Hawk



Love this! Thanks for the inspiration. I tend to gravitate toward neutral everything, thinking I need to step out of my comfort zone!


And the best part is these leggings work with neutral everything too! They are seriously the best. I’ve worn them three times this week 🙂


Thank you, Becca! There is help for the helpless (me)!

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