Festival staycation fashion.

It’s festival season! Can I get a big loud WOOP? Not from me, sorry. (Didn’t see me going that way, did you?)

I’m not a festival person. In fact, I’m barely even a concert person. Yes, I’m a chill, music-loving human. But there’s something about the pressure to perform that kills me. My friend recently told me, “you always play the chillest music.” I took this as a compliment because it’s true: I like moody, chill music. And moody, chill environments too.

Loud bars? No thank you, give me a patio. Concerts? How about a coffee shop with a dude on a banjo. True story: when my girlfriends and I went to Vegas years back they went to MTV Spring Break and I stayed at the hotel on the lazy river ALL DAY.

Don’t get me wrong, I dance in my living room for hours with my music blasting. But I was in a dance company with a focus on modern and contemporary dance. So my dancing and my music are a little different from the norm. The pressure to perform at concerts, bars, festivals, big groups of people, etc. kills me. I don’t want to jump up and down or yell out the lyrics (unless it’s screamo or 90s pop, but I prefer doing that in the private of my car on long roadtrips).

So festivals aren’t for me. Camping with good friends (like my recent Zion trip) is my preferred destination. But more likely you’ll find me at a place in San Francisco where it’s always a chilled out version of a festival: Dolares Park.

Dolares Park is easily my favorite place in the city. It’s a place where you can go with a bottle of wine, a blanket, and some friends and people-watch the day away. There’s no expectation of “getting lit” or partying too hard or dancing nonstop. It’s a place to chill.


Naturally, being the clothes-obsessed person I am, every year comes with a new go-to Dolo outfit. Last year it was some linen shorts and a crop tank. This year, this Spiritual Gangster swimsuit with jeans has become my park standard. I got it during the last Shopbop sale and thankfully for you, the sale is back on. Note that if you’re shaped like me this suit may give you worse wedgies than your big brother. But if wedgies are ever worth it, this one is.

spiritual gangster swim

I paired it here with my acid wash LOFT jeans and new favorite Jeffrey Campbell mules. I usually don my Birkenstocks at the park but for the blog, I wanted to spruce up the outfit how I would outside of the haven that is Dolares Park.

jeffrey campbell mules

And the most important (and do-good) accessory: this Sand Cloud blanket. Sand Cloud is a new biz on the scene and donates 10% of every purchase to organizations that protect beaches, oceans, and marine life. #savethefishies I’ve recently become an ambassador for this organization — because blankets and beaches are easily my favorite things beyond Dolares Park — and good news is if you use my code BeccaHa25 you’ll get 25% off your purchase.

sand cloud towels

sand cloud towels

So this year while ya’ll are at festivals I’ll be enjoying my staycation in Dolo…and you’ll know why. 😉

Also, shout out to the wonderful photographer (and blogger!!!) Julia O Test. All photos by her.


Swimsuit. Spiritual Gangster (exact) {up to 25% off w/ code EVENT17}

Pants. LOFT (same style) {40% off!}

Shoes. Jeffrey Campbell (exact, this color is hard to find!)

Shawl. Sand Cloud (exact) {25% off w/ code BeccaHa25}

Sunglasses. Ray-Ban (exact) {up to 25% off w/ code EVENT17}


Becca Hawk





I’m not a festival person either so when Coachella came to town I was like, “ummmm no thanks”. Standing in the heat and sitting in traffic just aren’t my thing. What is my thing is this outfit. Super cute, chill, and the message on the top totally fits my personality. love your photos and everything about your chill attitude!

Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

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