The perfect summer birthday dress.

Every year in my 20s I’ve bought myself a birthday present: the perfect birthday dress.

I’m pretty in love with my birthday because it’s summer solstice. Yes, that’s right, my elementary-aged self didn’t have a classroom birthday party BUT I could boast that my birthday is the longest day of the year.

I truly feel like a summer baby. I live for swimming, sun, and turn into a child when I get near a beach.

I don’t wear dresses often, but a birthday seems like the perfect time for a dress. Hence, my yearly birthday dress. Every year it’s something different, but it’s usually colorful and this year is no different. This dress from Anthropologie is like a birthday cake I can wear.

I also must have a thing for drop waist dresses right now because at the same time I got this one, two more drop waist dresses arrived at my doorstep. Don’t worry, I returned one so as not to be known as that one girl who wears the same thing in different colors. BUT I am the girl who wears the same brand. This dress is Holding Horses (from Anthropologie). If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw my post about my belated birthday date. I ran to Anthro during lunch in search of yet another birthday present for myself that would be comfortable post-cruise (aka nothing fits right) and fell in love with this Holding Horses shirt. Hold me back, or I might just buy everything they make.

Anyway, I just love this dress—almost as much as I love summer. I’m a huge proponent of treating yourself (probably TOO much if you ask my friends and family) and a birthday dress is a perfect way for me to celebrate…well…me.

{Photos by Christine Hanks Photography}


Dress. Holding Horses via Anthropologie (exact but sold out so similar here)

Jacket. Gap (similar)

Shoes. Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters (exact)

Clutch. Who What Wear via Target (similar)

Sunnies. SojoS (exact)

Lip. Sephora Lip Stain in Bohemian Purple (exact)



Becca Hawk

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Your dress is so cute! I hope you had a great time celebrating your birthday! Wishing you the best year yet 🙂

xoxo, EK

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