The perfect weekend uniform.

Welp, ever since I returned from Boston I’ve been sick. I’m blaming it on the lethal combo of pre-vacation stress and airports, but regardless: I’ve been trying to find the easiest outfits to pull together for moments when I have to drag my sick self out of the house.

This outfit has quickly become my go-to weekend outfit because of how easy it is. And chances are you already have all of the elements to make it work in your closet!

I can barely take off this slouchy cardigan from Urban Outfitters. I mean I’ve seriously slept in it. And hint: it’s on sale too. But you know that cardigan you’ve had forever? Pair it with a tank and skinny jeans and bam, weekend uniform.

I found this button cami during my search for Austin City Limits-appropriate outfits (that’s right I’m going to my FIRST festival in October). I honestly keep going back to American Eagle, even though it’s a little weird to wear the same brand I wore when I was 13. But if it works, it works! Camis are perfect for weekends because they’re great with cardigans but work well on their own when the sun comes out (because Karl the Fog is real in SF).

Finally, I can’t get over these shoes. They are so easy to slip on for brunch or a quick walk down the hill. They’re nearly sold out, so I’m hoping to see ya’ll wearing them already! If you’re scared to get patterned shoes for the WHAT DO I WEAR THEM WITH!? factor, I have some tips in a previous post. Basically, I pair any patterned shoes with neutrals and a top that matches one color in them. These mules barely have green in them, but I found a hint of it and went with it!

And let’s be real: who does their hair on a Sunday? I’ve been living in these gold hoops that my parents got me for my birthday (thanks fam!!) and they go perfectly with a messy bun. Again, chances are you already have your own version of these in your jewelry box.

So who wants to brunch? You better bet I already have this cardigan on.

Photography by Julia O Test

Also, I have exciting news! You can now shop all of my Instagrams instantly using Basically, you just have to sign-up for or download the app and:

  1. Like one of my Instagram posts and you’ll get the details of the outfits delivered straight to your email OR
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If you’re not into Instagram, just keep on shopping right from my posts like always 🙂 I’ve added new features here, too! Hover over parts of my outfit below to shop them, or use the pics down below. Happy Sunday!

Becca Hawk


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I love it! Stylish, comfy, and versatile. I need to get a sweater like that. I think I have similar pieces to pull the rest of it together.

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