“I always wanted to be Theresa, not Barbie.”

— Becca Hawk, Non Basic Blonde



What’s the story?

I grew up with Barbies. I freaking loved Barbies. I got to tell stories, build lives, and – of course – try on outfits. But I always wanted to be Theresa, not Barbie. I wanted to be the cool one, not the basic blonde.

Besides a strange redhead stint in grad school, I’ve always been blonde. I was born on the summer solstice. Summer is just part of me. But I’ve always struggled with the stigma that comes with being blonde.

People automatically assume a lot of things about me. Now, I know my “struggle” is incredibly small compared to the plight of literally every person that hasn’t grown up in an average household in middle America with god forbid yellow hair. But because this is my blog and my story…

I spent most of my life combatting the blonde stereotype. I wore t-shirts and sweatpants with boxers hanging out. I wore thrift store drug rugs that mostly just resulted in pockets of used tissues from unknown noses (true story). I got my nosed pierced despite my extreme allergy to all metals and opted to teach my college freshman students the lesson “how expressing yourself can sometimes result in minor dermatological surgery” instead of, ya know, the normal “essays 101.”

TL;DR It wasn’t until recently that my blonde hair became part of my style, instead of something I combatted with my style.

And now, here. I’m a creative (ad woman, writer, artist) and I dress like one. Sometimes I’m basic. Everyone needs leggings and green cargo jackets. But more often: purple lipstick, printed slip-on Vans, gold over nude and far too much camo for one wardrobe. Basically, I am aim to be a non basic blonde.


Okay, but who are you?

Hi! I’m Becca Hawk. I’m an ad woman (copywriter) by day. By night and weekend, I’m a poet, novelist, writer and sometimes artist. Oh, and a fashion blogger. I grew up in Michigan, started my career in Arkansas, and now live in the sunniest neighborhood in San Francisco and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I bike to work on days when I don’t curl my hair. I’m always craving blue cheese and boozy lunches. I live for Fitbit challenges with my mom. And I’m forever decorating my home, adding to my closet, and expanding my lipstick collection.

Thanks for stopping by!

Any professional inquiries can be directed to becca@nonbasicblonde.com.


PS My boyfriend still thinks I’m a little basic so I won’t be offended if you think so, too 😉